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What you see

Simple is one of our core values

Our mission is to make the setup of YOGO as simple for you, the studio, as for your customers. Everything is done as intuitively and simple as possible with a user-friendly design.

YOGO admin – your overview

YOGO admin is what you see as administrator of the studio. This is where you can create memberships, class passes, events, customize the look and much more.

Reports. Reports. Reports.

Easily keep track of your business with our unique report module, where you can build your own report on virtually every imaginable scenario. An example could be customers who have had their first visit to your studio in a certain period → Whether they have converted → What they have converted to, e.g. a membership → and whether they are having birthday 🥳
Get an overview of class occupancy, overview of new members and much more.

Totally zen

Get a quick and simple overview of today’s classes and events. Totally Zen.

YOGO admin is where you easily set up what is visible to your customers.

  • Get a quick overview of today’s programme.
  • Add or edit existing customers, including membership, class passes, classes etc.
  • Easily create new classes for the schedule.
  • Add promotions to memberships
  • Create coupons
  • Livestream
  • Integrate video and sell video memberships
  • Integrate with Google Tag Manager and track purchases with Google analytics, Facebook pixels, etc.
  • Add unlimited teachers.
  • Add an unlimited number of rooms
  • Create an unlimited number of class types with image and custom color shown in the schedule.
  • Create courses / events – including both free and paid courses. Choose if they should appear in the calendar. They can be either stand-alone or run over a longer period of time.
  • Easily create an unlimited number of memberships, class passes, period cards or memberships with a self-selected number of sessions per week or month.
  • Create e-mails that you can choose to send to customers who buy a new membership, event etc.
  • Pause memberships with automatic start and end period
  • Customize the system to suit your own design universe. Upload your own font, or choose between all google fonts, choose brand color, expression, customize calendar views with your own text.
  • Get a simple overview of sales, filter by e.g. period, training types etc. Everything can be exported as pdf or csv files.
  • Create your own reports based on optional criteria
  • Analyze customer access and class popularity

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What your customers see

Your customers’ overview

The customer’s home screen is a simple screen that allows for a quick overview of registered courses, memberships, activity etc.

Calendar – register a class in a split second

You can freely choose between two different layouts of the class schedule. Both layouts are clear and manageable, and if you are logged in, you are registered with a single click.

Prices and events – everything is just a click away

Whether a customer wants to sign up for an event that costs money or is free, or wants to buy a subscription, class pass card or period card, it’s all just a click away via the customer’s profile.

Widgets – the fusion with your website

We have a very strong focus on the interaction between your website and YOGO. In fact, we would rather not have the customers notice that they are leaving your website. Therefore, we have several widgets (modules) that can be integrated directly on your website and which will make YOGO seem as your own custom booking system. So, whether your customer wants to register for a class, buy a membership or sign up for an event, she or he remains in your design universe.

YOGO customer profile – the customer is in focus

The customer profile opens in a modal directly on your website or can be accessed independently via a URL. The whole thing is simple and clear, so you never have any doubts about where to register, what you have signed up for, where you buy class passes etc. The whole thing is set up to match your design universe so that you as a customer do not get the feeling of leaving your website. Can be displayed in Danish or English. Fast, intuitive and simple.

  • Personal overview of registered classes and events, number of classes left, memberships and customer activity (can be disabled).
  • You can freely choose between two different layouts of the class schedule. It takes no more than a click in the admin to change the design, and it will then automatically appear on both your website and in the customer profile. Both are very simple to use – if you are logged in as a customer you are registered with a single click.
  • Events and courses can easily be bought and signed up to – whether they cost money or are free.
  • Show all options of purchase on a list or divide them into categories. Everything is simple and works in the same way as in web shops.

YOGO custom app – everything at your fingertips

With YOGO’s custom app, you can offer customers your own app, with your name, colors, logo, etc. in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

The app is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible and therefore makes it even easier for your customers to register as a customer, sign up for classes and events, buy memberships, get an overview of booked classes and add them directly to their calendar on the phone .

This is also an effective way to increase the conversion of new customers.

  • Book even faster upcoming classes and events
  • Personal overview of registered teams and events, number of classes left, memberships and customer activity (can be deactivated).
  • App-optimized overview of upcoming classes
  • Events and workshops can be easily purchased and registered – whether they cost money or are free.
  • Easily add booked classes to your own calendar

Checkin – from home or in the studio

YOGO’s check-in is optimized for tablets and phones. You can choose to let your customers check themselves in, f.ex on an iPad in the studio or you can do it for them, f.ex on your phone and perhaps use it as a chance to engage with your customers.
Simply find the customer’s name and tap it, and the customer is registered as checked in.
If they have not registered in advance and there are available seats, they can also ‘drop in’ directly in the check-in module.

Teacher login

All teachers have their own login where they can easily see all their upcoming classes, check students in or add them to a class. When new classes are added to the system, they are also added automatically here. The teacher also has the option of synchronizing the classes with a personal calendar on the phone or computer.
If a livestream is to be started, this is done simply from the teacher login.

Time needed: 10 minutes

It’s easy to get started with YOGO

  1. Contact us

    To get started with YOGO, you need a payment agreement with NETS and Reepay. We initiate applications with both, and they will then contact you so that the agreements can be completed. If you choose payment with Stripe, you can get started within 10 minutes.

  2. We set up everything

    We will install YOGO for you. We will set up a number of hidden pages on your current website, and you will get access to everything so that you can get to know YOGO and feel comfortable with it.

  3. We export and import for free

    If you have another booking system, we will help you export all customers, registrations, memberships, number of classes left on the class pass etc. (this may vary depending on how much is available from your current booking system).

  4. Go!

    Together we will agree on a start-up date. You therefore have plenty of time to notify your customers of the change. On the day where the transition takes place, we will send an email to all customers with info and links, which they can use to create a new password for their profile.