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Manage bookings without a website

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8. April 2024

    This is how you manage bookings without a website: Use YOGO’s powerful booking tool to offer your trainings and classes online.
    In today’s digital age, an online presence is essential for any business, including studios, personal trainers and fitness instructors, individual yoga teachers and therapists. But what if you don’t have a website? Here’s some great news: With YOGO, that doesn’t stop you from simplifying your booking process and helping new clients find you online. Let’s dive into how you can use YOGO’s intuitive booking system to connect with your community, manage bookings seamlessly, and showcase your unique offerings — all without the need for a personal website.

    The No-Website Advantage

    Not having a website might seem unconventional, but it opens up a unique opportunity! It allows you to put all your energy into connecting directly with your community on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Without worrying about a website’s costs and maintenance, you have more room to improve your classes and keep in touch with your students.

    YOGO fits right into this approach, offering an easy, user-friendly way for your clients to book your unique offerings through a gorgeous online presence in your individual design.

    You don’t have to take our word for it – here’s what others say about YOGO.

    Step 1: Set up your YOGO account to simplify class bookings

    First, sign up for your individual YOGO account here. Visit our pricing page if you are unsure which plan best fits your needs. Our platform is tailored for online booking of classes, courses, events, training, and individual appointments, making it easy for your clients to view your schedule and book classes. You can even set up and sell your on-demand video content directly through YOGO. Once you’ve got your account, you can customize your offerings and schedule, ensuring your personality shines through every detail of your online presence.
    Unsure how it works? Find out more or reach out.

    Why Personalization Matters:

    Providing your offerings in your individual design not only allows you to reflect your unique vibe but also attracts clients by showcasing your distinct offerings. A tailored look sets you apart and gives your community an online home to come back to again and again. With YOGO, you provide a one-stop-shop and easy overview for your clients over their bookings, all in their individual customer profiles.

    Step 2: Use Linktree to make your Services easy to find

    Create a free account on Linktree or a similar link sharing service. This will be your digital business card, your “instead of a website”, gathering all your important links in one place. It is ideal for individual teachers, personal trainers, coaches, therapists, or studios without a website because it’s incredibly user-friendly. You enhance your online presence and make sure clients can easily find and navigate your offerings.

    Guide your clients to where they need to go:

    Without a website, you want a convenient way to direct your clients exactly where they need to go. Whether that’s your schedule for immediate class booking, your sign-up form for events, or your social media profile. No website? No problem, with YOGO linked to your Linktree or similar service.

    Step 3: Connect Your User-friendly Booking System to Your Linktree

    Connect Linktree with your YOGO account by adding a direct link to your booking page and other relevant content. This step ensures your clients can easily sign up for classes and access your services. Label your links clearly  to guide your clients smoothly through the booking process.
    All your offerings are gathered in your YOGO account and you can use direct links to easily guide your clients directly to upcoming events, your prices, or your schedule.

    Step 4: Share Your Linktree Everywhere

    With your Linktree ready, share it with your community across all your communication channels. Consider creating a free QR code that you can print for offline communication and physically display in your studio or treatment room windows. It is your digital storefront – invite existing and potential clients in to explore all you have to offer!

    Congratulations from our side: You now offer a streamlined booking experience in your individual brand design. Enjoy your no-website online booking tool!

    Ready to get started?

    Dive into YOGO and see how it can help your business grow. Sign up now or reach out for a demo. Let’s make your online presence shine!

    Connecting YOGO and Linktree allows you to focus on what you love most — teaching and growing your yoga or fitness community — without the hassle of maintaining a website. Embrace these tools to make your offerings easy to find and more engaging than ever before!

    Get free advice from us

    We will be happy to advise you free of charge. Let’s talk about your needs for the best booking system for you.

    Do you have a yoga or fitness studio, are you a freelance personal trainer or run a karate club? Whatever it is, YOGO has a booking system that suits your needs – and we’re always ready to help.

    Contact us by email at yo@yogobooking.com or call us at +45 71 99 31 61. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and create a free YOGO account for you.
    We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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