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Top 11 best online booking systems in 2024

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9. February 2023

    It can be difficult to find the right booking system for your business. There are many different systems on the market, and it can be a challenge to find the perfect solution. We have gathered a list of the 10 best online booking systems, so you can find the system that fits your needs.

    Looking for an online booking system?

    Do you need a new or better online booking system? Maybe you’re a brand new entrepreneur who’s looking for a smart booking system. Or maybe you’ve had your business for many years, and you’re tired of your old, outdated system. No matter what your situation is, it can be difficult to find the perfect system for your needs.

    There are so many different systems on the market, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. There is also a difference in needs; if you have a hair salon, you may not need the same features as a restaurant or yoga studio.

    We have investigated which systems are most popular and which best meet different needs. So, we have put together a list of the 10 best online booking systems on the market in 2024.

    What to look for in a booking system?

    There exists a vast amount of systems, and they have many different features. So, it’s important that you consider which needs your business has before diving into the hunt for the perfect system.

    First and foremost, the system must be user-friendly for both you who will administer the system and for your users. The system should be easy to navigate and have an intuitive interface.

    Moreover, the system should have the features you need. Many systems have common features such as online booking and payment, but it is important also to consider some specialized features like integration with your website, having an overview of employees, or push notifications.

    Of course, it is also important to give your users and customers a great experience. This means they have a good journey from start to finish – for example, it’s easy to click around and has a sleek interface or design.

    The best online booking systems

    So, who has the best booking system? And what should you choose? We would love to help you figure that out.

    1) YOGO

    YOGO is a brand new booking system for handling memberships, instructors, and calendars. YOGO’s mission is to create a complete universe for you as a freelance instructor or studio owner and your users where you can easily interact with members through campaigns, live streams, and much more.

    Visit YOGO.

    2) Pamp booking

    Pamp Booking is a new player in the beauty and wellness market with a mission to revolutionize beauty booking in Denmark. The platform is inviting, lightning-fast, and has all the core features you need.

    Visit Pamp Booking.

    3) DinnerBooking

    DinnerBooking is the largest online booking site for restaurants in Nordic countries. The purpose is to make it much easier for restaurants to manage their bookings. At the same time, it also functions as a food universe for users, which makes it easy for them to find restaurants in all kinds of cuisines.

    Visit DinnerBooking.

    4) Setmore

    Setmore is one of the most popular online booking services available. The platform is part of the international AnywhereWorks company and offers a modern and user-friendly design.

    Visit Setmore.

    5) Calendly

    Calendly is an effective booking system that helps you schedule meetings so you can save time on emails and phone calls and focus on your work. The system is especially good for personal schedules and team calendars.

    Visit Calendly.

    6) Planway

    Planway is a versatile booking system with many different features that can be customized to your specific industry. The system is stable and generally user-friendly. They also have Danish customer service, so you can call support and get answers to your questions.

    Visit Planway.

    7) Gecko Booking

    Gecko Booking is one of the first booking systems on the market and therefore has a wide range of features that make it possible to customize the system to your specific needs. They are known for their support to get your website and booking system to work together.

    Visit Gecko Booking.

    8) GloFox

    GloFox is a cloud-based software solution that offers a complete set of tools for managing fitness businesses. It helps companies with membership management, class and workshop scheduling, online bookings, and payments.

    Visit GloFox

    9) MindBody

    MindBody is one of the largest booking systems for small businesses, especially in the fitness and wellness industry. The company offers a solution that helps businesses manage appointments, memberships, client data, finances, etc.

    Visit MindBody

    10) PunchPass

    PunchPass is a Dutch cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage memberships, classes, and finances. It offers online bookings, automatic payments, and waiting lists.

    Visit PunchPass

    11) Momoyoga

    Momoyoga is a booking system that helps you manage your yoga business. With Momoyoga, you can easily create and organize your yoga classes, workshops, and events. You can also use Momoyoga to manage your customer relationships, finances, and marketing.

    Visit Momoyoga

    Other great booking systems

    If you’re looking for more great international booking systems for either wellness, restaurants, meetings, or other purposes, here are a few other options:

    12) HubSpot Meetings Tool

    13) Acuity Scheduling

    14) SimplyBook.me

    15) 10to8

    16) Honeybook

    17) ScheduleOnce

    18) YouCanBook.me

    19) Doodle

    20) WellnessLiving

    21) Vagaro

    Let’s talk about your needs!

    Do you have a yoga studio, are you a freelance instructor or do you manage a karate club? Whatever it is, YOGO has a booking system that fits your needs – and we are always ready to help you.

    Contact us at mail yo@yogo.dk or call us at +45 71 99 31 61. Our sweet colleagues are ready to answer your questions.

    We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂